Announcing our Private Beta.

Announcing our Private Beta.

Varun Potti

Varun Potti

Creator of Reader

Oct 18, 2023

Back story

A few months ago, we launched Reader Alpha to a small group. Expecting 10-20 users, we were stunned to see 200+ users sign up within the first week. Even more surprising, users started recommending Reader to their friends. The response overwhelmed us, and it was thrilling to witness people embracing Reader. Users loved the feed and overall experience. We knew we had something special .

What was missing?

Like all early-stage products, Reader had its share of bugs and missing features. We continued to iterate and improve the product, but we knew we needed to do more. So we took a step back and asked ourselves & our users, "What's missing?". We finally concluded that:

  • The entire blogging experience was fragmented.
  • Users had to use multiple tools to create, publish, and distribute their content.
  • SEO tools allowed professional bloggers to rank higher on Google, leading to a lack of discoverability for new bloggers.

We are thankful to all our Twitter & Discord friends who helped us with their feedback.

Introducing Reader Beta.

We asked you and we listened. Reader now boasts multiple features that make it one of the best blogging platform for creators while allowing readers to find the best content. With features like collaborative editing, SEO optimization and more, Reader is easily one of the best blogging platform for creators.


A small list of features that make Reader one of the best blogging platform for creators & readers alike.

  • For Readers:
    • Discover new content - Reader's feed is designed to help you discover new content. We use a combination of AI and human curation to ensure that you get the best content.
    • Block creators - Reader allows you to block creators that you don't like.
    • Follow your favorite creators - Reader boasts a powerful follow system that lets you know when a new post is published by a creator you follow. This means you never miss out on new content while skipping on the email-inbox clutter.
    • Bookmark posts - Reader allows you to bookmark posts that you like.
    • Reading history - Reader keeps track of all the posts you've read.
  • For Writers:
    • Collaborative editing - No more sending Google Docs links to your friends and asking them to review your content. Reader allows you to collaborate with your friends in real-time.
      • Reader also has a powerful sharing system that allows you to set "PERMISSIONS" for each collaborator. This means that you can give your friends "READ ONLY" access to your post while allowing your editor to make changes.
    • SEO optimization - We built an inhouse "tag" system that allows us to optimize your content for SEO. This means that your content will rank higher on Google.

What's next?

We are excited to announce that we're ready to start our private beta. We will be sending out invites to our private beta in the coming weeks. If you're interested in joining our private beta, please fill the form below 👇.


Ready to get started?

Reader is currently in beta. Join the waitlist to get early access. We will send a link to your email when you are invited.